Mechanical Ventilation and HVAC Systems

Excel Air Conditioning can install, service, and repair mechanical ventilation and HVAC systems in commercial and residential buildings. Our highly trained and experienced team can works throughout all areas across Brisbane and surrounding areas, delivering high quality work, time management, and cost-effective solutions.

Car Park & Building Ventilation Systems

Enclosed and underground car parks need ventilation systems to keep you safe from the build-up of carbon monoxide. We install fans and induction systems to direct harmful fumes outside.

Our team will start with a complete survey of your car park to determine the most efficient and cost effective solutions. Our ventilation systems keep your building up to code with national and fire safety standards.

Carpark Ventilation Services

  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Systems
  • Motion Controlled Ventilation Systems
  • Exhaust Fan Systems
  • Fire Control Fan Systems

Building Ventilation Services

  • Toilet Exhaust and Toxic Air Fans
  • Stairway and Lobby Relief Fans
  • Natural & Forced Air Ventilation Fans
  • Dust Extraction Fans

Fire Stair Pressurisation Testing

At Excel Air Conditioning, safety is our tip priority, especially when there’s a fire in your building that threatens air quality. Our fire pressuirsation systems are in place to moderate air quality and control smoke in your buildings. Stairwell pressuirsation ensures that smoke and fumes don’t build up in the exit routes of your building. We install these systems based on your building’s structure and struck national code.

Fire Stair Pressurisation Services

  • Stairwell pressurization systems and lobby relief systems
  • Mechanical fire matrixes to test smoke control
  • Repair services to bring your system up to code

Other HVAC Services Include:

  • Toilet exhaust extraction systems
  • Laundry and bathroom exhaust fans
  • Commercial air quality control
  • Restaurant kitchen exhaust fans
  • Rooftop extraction fans
  • Industrial air extraction
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